- The RIGHT music for YOUR event

Elements is an event entertainment project set up and directed by Simon Vella. It is a collaboration with various musicians with whom Simon has worked on various of his other musical projects, but this time the aim is simply to entertain crowds gathered for special events such as weddings,  corporate functions , gala dinners and others.

The main idea behind Elements is to obtain a flexible approach to tailoring a band that fits in perfectly with the type of event it is being booked for according to the main criteria which typically include :

  • The right musical styles / genres 
  • The favored combination of musicians / instruments
  • The appropriate size for the venue (and budget)

What makes Elements stand out from a typical function band is the fact that it is a collaboration of independent musicians, each bringing in an individual reputation as solo performers, members of popular bands, session musicians, music writers and / or tutors.  Apart from a strong reputation, each member brings in his own distinct musical style that makes each combination unique.

Real musicianship focused on your event”