As ironic as it might sound, the main reason why Simon has been receiving requests for playing at weddings is simply cos he's not a "wedding musician". Many people look for a wedding band that plays the typical music heard in weddings over and over again - ballads, traditional "show" pieces etc etc. While having the utmost respect for every type of music and musician, Simon prefers to stick to his idea of playing music he feels more comfortable doing.

This means that, whether playing as a solo, duo or as a full band, focus will be mainly on having more of a classy modern feel with music that ranges from soft rock to jazzy, funky and up-beat pieces. It goes without saying that there will always be the odd ballad or show-tune that might still be played, although probably it will still sound less "cheesy" than usual :)

Simon teams up with musicians that first and foremost he respects (musically speaking). His target will never be to turn the wedding into a one-man-show "concert", but to simply have the right musical ensemble that sets the tone for a truly special event. Various ensembles can be provided ranging from duos ,small ensembles up to a full-blown 8-piece band. 

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